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bun and cheese

Easter bun and cheese are an absolute must for Jamaicans during the Easter season.There have been busy days when I’ve had bun and cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I’m not advocating that for anybody unless you have a problem with being underweight!

 Many Easter traditions have evolved in Jamaica. While church-going is a must for many christians, the wider population are very fond of going to the beach. It is often a family affair as well as opportunities for outings by clubs and organizations of every kind. Every public beach is swamped with busloads of Jamaicans over these holidays. The better-off in society will rent holiday apartments and villas by the sea for a four-day mini-vacation. Other popular pastimes include kite-flying and, more recently, joining street parades for carnival.

Food traditions have developed in tandem, and escovitched fish is the dish of choice on Good Friday. The British colonizers introduced the hot cross bun to Jamaica. The Jamaican spiced bun is sweet, shaped like a loaf of bread and dark brown in color. It is made with raisins, currants and sometimes topped with red cherries. Our Easter Bun can be eaten with cheese or butter and a tall glass of milk. YUMMY!

I would recommend that you try it 😉